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We are off to the picturesque land
of SMOKY's

Smoky's is filled with natural beauty as man and beast try to coexist

A great view of Smoky's

(the highest point)

A view from the dome

Another view from the tallest point

On the way to the waterfall
(a rigorous hike of 7 miles)

Finally the waterfall

Another scenic spot

The tent I camped in

Camp Night

Jay, Mots, ME, Vishy


Back in ATL (and a good chinese dinner)
ME, Vishy, Mots, Rags and Jay

Auburn University - The
home of the "TIGERS"

My office at Dunstan Hall

On the backdrop is the stadium
and I am facing the coliseum

(Inside the colesium)

Toomer's Corner: As soon as
Auburn wins a game everyone comes out
here to cover this tree
with toilet paper!!!..
It's an amazing ritual

In front of the Jordan Hare
(football) stadium

Samford Hall and the Tower
clock in the backdrop

Sunny California


Madhavan and I, CA

I'll have more soon

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