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Here is a detour to what you may generally expect to find in a page like this. I intend to put up some of the very thought provoking mails/essays/discussions that I come accross. I intend to update this page as and when I come across new stuff. This would be a surprise element that you could look forward to, every time you check in.

Columns and Discussions

The Buck Stops Here
Torn Between Two Worlds


The London Tea Party (this is the first in the series of reports that PESCENET plans to bring to you as a countdown to the World Cup 1999)
The London Tea Party (Part - II)
The London Tea Party (Part - III)
The London Tea Party (Part - IV)
The London Tea Party (Part - V) - The Real Heroes (posted June 8th)
The Party Ends (D.O.A)


The movie review page ( latest one on :"54")

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