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Next update : Soon!

Posted on May 2003 ,

Hey Folks,

Looks like we are on the roll now. An update... EVERY month this year!!.. that is certainly my personal best :)). Recently Anjana Sahu had mailed me with some quick updates. Thank you gal :)

She is a program analyst for Guaranty bank in Milwaukee,WI (and can be reached at

1) Ajay Kumar singh ( got married on Mar 6 to Shalini.
2) Naveen Goudar is getting married on May 11.
3) Raghu Ramappa ( got married on Dec 8 2002.
4) Vatsala K ( ) lives with her husband in NJ.
5) Haritha is in Santa Clara ,CA ( From CS dept). looks like most of our batchmates or now married / have kids.. and a whole lotta folks are here in the U.S. Isn't that just mind boggling ?. Awrighty then folks.... if you guys keep it rollin' then there will always be something new to check out at the begining of each month.
cheers Balki

Message posted : April 2003

Waaaaazaaaaa Folks !!!,

I had a recvd a few mails from folks to update their personal info in the PESCE directory (which is one of the main utilities of this website). So I fiiiinally got around to doing it. I did not quite realize how long it has been since I had a chance to post anything on these pages. I am sure all of you must be wondering if I dropped off the face of the earth!!!. Any way here we are and A LOT has happened.... including me tying the knots on Sep 4th 2002. It has been almost 6 months since that date and just over an year since I've known Akila. Married life is way Kooler than I thought it would be (ain't I the wise one ??;) ). For all of you who called to wish me when I was in India thank you so much. I just wish I had more time to arrange to meet all of you. But the events leading up to the wedding and after were a lot more hectic than I had anticipated. But enough about me.... R.K. Ojha sent me a mail a while ago with some snippets on PESCE folks round the world and I'm going to post that here. So until next time..
peace out :)
cheers Balki

Posted by Rajesh Ojha on Feb 2003 ,

Its my experience that after marriage,you have the actual life where you have to balance all your resources(I mean anything of any kind .. mental..monetary..physical..etc).Now we have almost everywhere our guys getting married or in process to get married.I was in India in December and I heard about the marriages of Kishore Marimganti , Sanjay N Prasad & Praveen (lefty), but then I have no confirmation as such.

Anyway I have a bits of news for you : 1. Venubhushan Donepudi got married in Dec , for details contact venubhushan or vijay ( or

2. Ramakrishna R (Wipro) got married to Ashwini on Dec 11 at Bangalore and now you can find the couple in Cleveland,Ohio. Other details contact Rama (

3. Vishwarup Ray became father of a baby boy in Sep (Details .. Contact Vishwarup( )

3. Rajesh Kumar Ojha ,yours truly ....became father of a baby boy on Nov 29,2002. His name is "Achintya Kumar Ojha" a.k.a "Nikku". He along with his mother(Rakhi) are at present in Bangalore(along with my parents) away from me and probably would join me once Nikku is 4-5 months old and summer sets in here at Seattle.I continue my services with TCS

Rajesh K Ojha

Phone: 425-393-4632(O) Email:

Message posted : Dec 28th 2000

Hello Folks,

'Tis once again that time of the year when my mail box gets filled with one-line greetings and sometimes a fancy bluemountain card that sings!!. I know a whole lot stuff has happened between now and the last time I got to update this site!!!!. As Floridians battled it out to decide on a President and the NASDAQ plunged and Rajkumar was involved in a real world melodrama; Hari, Satish (mapps), Anand(boss), Chandra, Siddarth have all got married. I couldnít be there but you know my wishes (and sympathies for your better halves) are with you folks. If I missed you, well thatís because I havenít gotten the word yet. As for me... I am still a free man . (If you are curious, you can check me out at the photoshop page). Thereís been quite a few hits to our site (mostly folks from other batches).

I caught up with Nameeth (where are you now dude??) 5/6 months back here in Atlanta at a Braves game. Madhavan (E&C) was here in NY for a few months and is back in India in time to do his laundry. That reminds me... where is AJAY.R ( yah one of those trinkonklee characters). Sarath (compsci) is a student here at N.C. Itís been a while since I spoke to the other guys Gumma, Venu et al. Ramit is still with GE in Bombay (?).

I do have plans of taking a vacation to India, but I donít want to jinx it by spilling the dates just yet. Iíll let you all know, once itís confirmed. In the meantime please do check your address/ phone numbers / e-mails idís posted on the web site and let me know if I have to change it. We have to keep this updated. I would love to hear from you all folks. So drop a few lines when you can.

Cheers Balki.

Wish the new year brings us all digital dreams with ever so many pixels, our lives networked through high speed connections and a broadband to our ambitions and minds. Om Sri namaha.

Message posted : April 15th 2000

Hello Folks,
< My schedule has been a bit tight and hence this page has been static for a while. Here is an update from Nameeth. More contributions in this column are most welcome.

Mates!!..Nambu - urf - Nameeth reporting on the lifestyle of the Down Under. So far so good for the summer had a lot to see the birds chirping and basking in the warmth of sun, for now winter's setting so getting used to the TV channels byheart. Praveen got Engaged..i was like.."praveen escape when u can"..and "engagemnets are to be broken..."..aha! but after looking at your bahbi..i would'nt resist. ;-) Giri Bhata was in India and as from the inside information he won free memberships to all the Pubs, Disco' present he's in Singapore ..."trying to get a bite, more than he can chew for" ...Well what can i say about myself..the worlds seems to have set on me..and iam trying to balance with my two needs more. ~a!. Had been to India for new year..but luckly escaped the "phasi ka phanda". For me telecomunications comes free..GOD! save the company. "Ramit You just got your self into a competition...Ggrr" Enjoy and go with the flow..cheer's we say for GoodMorning/Evening and GoodNight>>>Nameeth<<<

Message posted : NOV 29th 1999

Next update : DEC 14th

Hello Folks,

After a brief hiatus, the PESCENET news group is finally back to update you with all the news. First off Kudos to the PESCENET ..... it's getting a lot of attention these days, not just from it's members but other Senior members of PESCEites. Some of them have updated their links to our site and this is a matter of pride, I thought. Well this also means more responsibilty, something we as a group can live upto I guess. OKIE.... enuf of the PEP TALK.. lets get back to some REAL news!!!

He is there , He is Not.. : Well one moment this guy calls me up to say that he leaving for India and before I could wish him a bonvoyage he is already back in Seatle. Aparently, Ajay just went home to do his laundry just as he would do at Mandya.

AHOY CAPTAIN: Recently Lijo Joseph was spotted in Chennai. (I  thank him for visiting my folks there) . He is now a MARINER sailing merily from coast to coast.  According to my sources he holds some kinda techie position at the NAVY. We'll have more updates on him when he is next spotted in Land.

The M"EAT"ing: And then there was this meeting which I need to talk about. Ramit, Harpreet, Vikas and Batra all met on the 22nd . The details of the meeting were not known and there's no official statement released yet. Inside sources tell PESCENET that there was plenty of feasting with wine et al. The members just confirmed that it was a routine meeting. We also learnt that Harpreet is off to UK sometime in Jan. BTW I need to announce Ramit Mahajan as the "Most Frequent Visitor " and is given the unique previlage of getting a life long FREE membership to PESCENET [This'll be of great importance when we go public;-) ]

Who's IN and Who's OUT : In other unrelated set of events. Kishore (Marim Gante) is moved into WIPRO and Sridhar has moved out. Sarath (*yah yah.. the compsci dude who used to hang around in the canteen and live on air, tobacco and the canteen "piece" T ) is now bugging the crap out of Y2k and T.P. Praveen ( yah yah the guy who used hang around *Sarath ) is at BFL software.

Spot ight News: Dibya (Mishra) was spotted at Wayne State Univ, doing a masters at Manufacturing Engg. Sources also tell me that he's totally into a different kind of Production as well. Talking of Production there are these 2 other dudes,who have started their own distribution business. They are also "perfecting" the art of screening movies, specializing in Gult movies for now. The owners told PESCENET they plan to venture into other languages soon. PESCENET NEWS  will bring you a detailed cover story at a later date.

WELL The Thanksgiving break has come to an end and it's now officially the Christmas Season. So before I sign off  lemme be the first wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Please chek out the new page for PESCE,mandya that I am puttin up and give me a feed back on it. I would love to recieve mails regarding when PES was founded, by who, what's it's motto/ logo/.. who is the principal/chaiman now etc.,... and I would certainly appreciate Photos of the College. So please mail me


Message posted : sep 20th

Next update : OCT 15th


WILLY BILL  Well with the media firing all cylinders on willy Bill, it may be just as essential for PESCENET to air its views along with the many happenings. One things for sure, this surely has got a lot of people to be more educated on matters of sex (or rather what may not be for some). But what would be more interesting is to know how local (indian) media report news like this?!!. With starr's report being so explicit in its details, I can hardly imagine an embarassed, flushed face reading out the news at DD. As for slick willy, i guess he hasn't yet heard the thumb rule: " when the stacked up evidence is taller than you, its time to give up".

2 IN THE BUSH Comming to more mundane matters such as Indian cricket... well that's another tempest. After yet another debacle both at toronto and at the commonwealth games it seems quite the Indian team that all of us know, but still keep foolishly hoping that they'd perform!! . The less said about them the better.

CAM CAM ON THE WALL,  WHY DO WE NEED YOU AT ALL ?In other news, there is a new web cam at RMIT( Royal melbourne instt of tech) that has been installed.I do not know why its there.. but it is THERE. I could see a couple of them just idling away in front of the cam and still worse was someone picking their nose!! Talk about requirement for web censorship!!.You can check it out at: ( SO you could now catch Nameeth or Giriraj there LIVE)

AND NOW for some good ol' gossips... According to reliable sources this guy (whose first name also means victory) is going pretty steady and is all set to tie the knots.. and on the other hand this other fella' whose name has a HE sheep in it has gotten out of (bitter) love... while the enlightened one is still trying to bring truce between the concerned parties and hold hands with his lady love. Also it is learnt that soon one of the persons featured last update in an expecting parent.Well good luck to all them from PESCENET.

AND IN OTHER UPDATES Ajay (wiselee of the LEEgue) is now at Seatle where INFOSYS has an ongoing project. Kallu (kalyan) is expected to be in Germany for a while again. Fall quarter has begun at Auburn and I am back at school (booo hooo) and I guess so is Jassi. Pratik Bose (he was a batch senior at PES) has now been detected at Maryland and is working with NTD. This break through gives us hopes of extending the scope of PESCENET to reach beyond our batch and get info on all our seniors at college.

well that's it for now folks. Tune in for the next update on OCT 15th.



Message posted : sep 5th

Next update : Sep 20th


Sentenced to Life !  Shailendra BATRA, was recently sentenced to life imprisonment  after he tied the knots to his lady love (I'll soon have pics and I'll post 'em). He seems contented  though and PESCENET wishes him a happy married life. He. hee ... who are we trying to kid???

Isn't it Time for some really good Chicken? She was one of the many chicken lovers who was upset when K.F.C. was kicked out of B'lore . But she didn't resign to fate. Who are we talking about??..... PRABHA!!! known to many as R.P. she decided that it was time for some really good chicken and decided to move to Kentucky!!!. Talk about Extreme Tenacity. She is now working at G.E. along with her hubby (who is a Manager at the Louisville site). AND there is another person.. SHASHIDAR REDDY(Yadki) who also works at G.E., making it a sizable representation for PESCENET.

NO MORE BAY WATCH  After  oozing out his last bit of decorem at the BAY AREA in California, JASKARAN SINGH (Jassi), is now back in reality at VANCOUVER where he is back to school at UBC.We all know how you feel Jassi ;-)

Oh yeah ! Migration Time In other unrealted related developments AJAY.R. has been recently posted for a project at Seatle. RAMAKRISHNA (mama) who was working at ADA has shifted loyalties to WIPRO SYS. and joins Sridhar and Co. AND KALYAN (kallu), who is reportedly so much into German Beer, that he is back in Germany for another project after a brief stint back home..Another of the recent changes was SREERAM  KUMAR 's (SREERAM) shift to the C.S.A. dept of ISC B'lore.

Life as Usual Down Under Well it's life as usual for NAMEETH RAMAN (Nammeth) down under. Reliable sources tell me that you can catch him oggling from limb to limb at the Royal Melboune Inst if Technology. In between all this he is trying to major in I.T . (pun intended)

Hey be a part of the PESCENET WORLD CREW and send me updates on friends who you'd like to be featured here in the next UPDATE of PESCENET HEADLINE NEWS.