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movie shotSEND ME YOUR PHOTOS AND I'LL PUT EM UP... Thanx Balki

movie shotLOCATION: PESCE Hostel PEOPLE: nameeth, harsha,giriraj, jassi, ramit, harpreet, vikas & vohra

movie shotLOCATION: great ocean, AUS PEOPLE: nameeth, giri, pinto

movie shotLOCATION: Rain Forest, south AUS PEOPLE: nameeth, giri, pinto, localite

marriage snapLOCATION: Bangalore(?) Ocassion - Praveen's engagement. I got this snap from Giriraj Bhat(IP). you could mail praveen at

I have a few of my snaps stacked here... (warning : may contain some uninteresting personal photos too)

PS: mail me .GIF files or .JPG files.. at


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